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These courses are for law-abiding adult citizens as defined by applicable Federal, State or Local laws.

Lee Wallace is a military veteran with 14 Years of law enforcement experience.  He also has a degree in Criminal Justice.  Certified by the NRA to teach Basic Pistol and Home Invasion classes, he is also certified as a Range Safety Officer.  In addition, certification has been obtained by the state of Kansas to teach Kansas Conceal Carry classes.  As a Hunter Education Instructor for the past 29 years, he has made gun ownership and safety a priority. He is a recent graduate of Front Sight Firearms Training Institute.


This class covers the laws of Kansas concerning Conceal Carry, homicide and other laws that could impact conceal carry.  Visualization techniques, awareness, and social impact are a part of curriculum, along with weapon firing, stance, aim and cleaning of weapons.

Basic Pistol $75.00
NRA Basic Person Protection in the Home

Completion of an NRA Basic Pistol Course is required prior to enrolling in this class.

This course build on skills leaned in Basic Pistol Course.  Participants must be experienced shooters (mastery of basic skills of safe gunhandling, shoot a group, zeroing firearm, and cleaning a firearm)

Basic Pistol Course is Being Offered Soon

In this class, you will learn:

  • Essential gun safety rules

  • Different types of pistols and which one is best for you

  • The basics of ammunition

  • The fundamentals of pistol shooting

  • Different shooting positions

  • The most common shooting errors

  • Proper gun cleaning and maintenance

  • How to maintain your skills

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